7  Musical  Bands The World Probably Misses Their Performances & Global Appearance

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It’s so sad and most people aren’t excited that musical bands are disappearing unlike the way it was in the 60’s,70’s and 80’s where many great bands put out music together with much      recognition, Album sales, Tours and Fans all over the world , I wouldn’t want to mention names(of those bands ) because I’d keep doing so due to many iconic bands we had in the past which were mostly rock ‘n’ roll(rock) bands.

Although I still find myself listening to the amazing tunes of some of my favorite modern bands like chlorine, stressed out and heathens (which features on suicide squad movie soundtrack) by Twenty One pilots(An American band) or the mellow song “Memories” by Maroon 5(American pop rock band) that the world can’t stop listening to.

As an African It’s impossible not to mention sauti sol (Kenyan afro-pop band) that’s making waves in Africa with several released tracks. Other bands doing great out there that I listen their music includes imagine dragons (An American pop rock band), Coldplay (British rock band), Fall Out Boy (American rock band), Jonas brothers(An American pop rock band) & BTS(A south Korean band) which is arguably the biggest band around presently.

As I stated earlier that we had and still have several prominent and prestigious bands, they are bands that toured around the world with so much love from music fans.

Here are musical bands the world probably misses their performances:

7. One Direction(2010-2015):

   The one direction or 1D as it is popularly called were an English-irish boy pop band consisting of 5 members which includes Harry styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan , Zayn malik and Louis Tomlinson. The band was formed (by simon cowell ) when they auditioned individually for the seventh season of THE X FACTOR(British Tv Series) in 2010 finishing 3rd place and got signed to Syco Music . I won’t forget how “story of life“ (one of my best song from the band ) was always on put repeat, It was from their third studio album ‘Midnight Memories’ which was the best-selling album worldwide in 2013 but they had a total of five albums. They had the highest-grossing tour in 2014 out of all the four tours they did together with nearly 200 awards . in 2015 zayn malik left the band during their last tour due to personal reasons to start a solo career (On the road again tour) as his last performance with the band was on march 18, 2015 and the tour ended on October 31, 2015 after releasing their last album in November 2015 (Made in the A.M) without him (zayn) , They all started solo careers after their last album and tour in 2015 with rumors that the band might still come back together soon.

6. Sade:

The English smooth jazz ,soul band was formed in 1982 by the Nigerian- born British singer, songwriter and one the most successful British female artists in history(Sade Adu) then going on to secure a record deal in 1983 with Epic Records. The band was named after their lead singer Sade which was loved by many with fans all over the world , Sade toured in Europe ,Asia ,North America and south America . Sade sold over 75 million records worldwide releasing it’s six studio albums ,” Soldier of love “ of love from their sixth studio album in 2010(the last album they released) won a Grammy award making the band have a total of 4 Grammys. Sade are working on a new album since the release of their sixth studio album Soldier of love with fans anticipating ,The band last tour was in 2011 which lasted for nine months .

5 .Egypt 80:

Although the son(seun kuti) of the Nigerian Afrobeat  pioneer, multi-instrumentalist, bandleader, political activist and performer Fela Anikulapo kuti also popularly known as Abami Eda now leads the band after the death of the Afrobeat legend (Fela Kuti) , The band was formed by Fela in the 70’s which was firstly known as Nigeria 70 then later changed to Africa 70 and finally Egypt 80 . it’s hard to state the full members of the band  but two prominent members were Baba Ani (A baritone saxophonist) and Tony Allen (The band drummer) alongside many female dancer as they performed from his album together like “Water No Get Enemy”, “Shakara” with the cool afrobeat vibe mostly laced with Yoruba and pidgin talking mostly about the military government with notable lyrics people love and would always miss .

4.The Wailers:

The Jamaican reggae band was formed in 1963 by the king of reggae ‘Bob Marley’(singer-songwriter ) ,Bunny Wailers(singer-songwriter and percussionist) and Peter Tosh(singer-songwriter). They were the core members of the wailer band, other members are Cherry Smith and Beverley Kelso although it’s difficult also to know the amount of band members they had because after Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer left the band , New members joined and went on tour with Bob Marley. I love listening to “Lively up yourself” and No woman No cry by the wailers (My love for the reggae melody lol…..). They released 11 albums , sold over 21 million records worldwide, sold over 250 million albums worldwide too with tour in different countries like England, USA , Canada ,Germany , Sweden ,Netherlands , France , Wales ,Denmark ,Norway , Belgium, Italy , Hawaii ,New Zealand and others.

3. Prince & The Revolutions:

The American rock band was assembled in 1979 by American singer-songwriter , multi-instrumentalist and record-producer Prince , The band was a controversial one making it also difficult to know the actual band members because at a point some left the band ,some joined and some were fired by prince but they had band member who played variety of instruments(even females) and vocalists too . The revolutions won three Grammys with two released album “purple rain”(1984) & “Around the world in day “(1985) both having millions of sales. The band officially disbanded after the Hit n Run  — Parade Tour in 1986 which took place in Asia , Europe and North America.

2. Led zeppelin:

Led zeppelin (One of the greatest rock band in the world of all time) were an English rock band formed by Jimmy Page (A singer-songwriter ,multi-instrumentalist and record producer) in London (1968) also signing a deal with Atlantic Records that same here year, with Robert Plant (The band’s lead singer),John Bonham(The band’s drummer) and John Paul Jones(The band bassist/Keyboardist). The band has many great achievements apart from touring numerously in the United Sates , the United Kingdom & Europe that includes 683 awards (Grammy ,American Music Awards & other prestigious awards ) ,Album sales of 200 and 300 million copies world , induction into the Rock and Rock Hall of fame and many more (too much too mention lol). Sadly the band disbanded( like the Revolutions )in 1980 due to the death of their drummer (John Bonham) who died from asphyxiation after heavy drinking which led to cancelling their pending tour , The band reunited in 1988 for their 40th anniversary at Atlantic records their last performance was at the O2 Arena in 2007 making them one of the biggest influence on rock music.

  1. The Beatles:

Ranked as the greatest band of all time (also the most influential too) , The Beatles were an English rock band with John Lennon(Singer-Songwriter & peace activist) and Paul McCartney (Singer-Songwriter) leading the band which was formed in Liverpool(1960), Just like Led Zeppelin the band had four member with Ringo Starr which was the band’s drummer and George Harrison who was the band’s lead guitarist . it’s really complex to know the exact figure of the Beatles greatest achievement ranking from tours , awards ,record sales , special recognition and many more . some o their greatest achievements are Induction into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame As A Band & Individually Between 1988 to 2011 ,The Best Selling Music Act Of All Time With of 600 Million Record Sold , The Band statue In Liverpool ,Several albums & Massive Album Sales ,Over 103 Award which includes the Grammy rounding it up with over 1400 concert appearances . Despite the band’s mouth-watering  honors , the “Fab Four” broke up in April 10,1970.


Final Thoughts : Fans all over the world loved the bands wholeheartedly ,Drop your comment on any band you feel isn’t on the list.










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