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Biography of Emmanuel Ogunsanwo


Emmanuel Ogunsanwo, has always been an internet sensation, proving his value to the whole internet. Even though he’s still not known by most people and not yet very much popular, Emmanuel Ogunsanwo keeps on building his

Emmanuel Ogunsanwo
Emmanuel Ogunsanwo

He was born on the 3rd of June, 2002. In Ijebu, Ogun state and he was raised in Lagos state. Recently schooling at Yaba School of Technology. He is The only son of his parents, he has Two siblings (2 sisters).

Emmanuel Ogunsanwo is one of Nigerian Multi talented Teenager, He’s an Engineering (Computer Engineer), He sketches (drawing Artist), He raps (Rapper), And also an internet Public figure.

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Emmanuel Ogunsanwo chose Eminem as his favorite musician, his favorite footballer is Christian Ronaldo, he imitated both eminem and ronaldo his whole life, he always said “I LOVE THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE RECORD MAKERS”. Emmanuel Ogunsanwo has both interest in Football and Rap music.

Not many people know the Biography of Emmanuel Ogunsanwo, But now the biography, information and lifestyle has been revealed and elaborated

Emmanuel Ogunsanwo (Emmadriod) Networth

Emmanuel Ogunsanwo being an upcoming Nigerian rapper, Drawing Artist and an internet influencer, Even when he wasn’t from a rich background, but still has managed to gather a Total net worth of $100,000 which is 38,000,000 Naira.

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The 17 years old Teenager would one day surprise the whole internet and even the world in general with his multi abilities, He’s always the star everyone loved

Music Career (Emmadriod)

Emmanuel started his rapping career at the age of 16, his rap stage name EMMADRIOD.

He’s known for his rap skill so he’s called the Nigerian Black Rap God

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