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Whatsapp Free Mode

WhatsApp free mode?

Yes WhatsApp has given room for free mode usage, This may be surprising but its too true. Everybody knows about Facebook freemode, but now WhatsApp.

MTN users can testify to this good news, As of 1st of May, 2020. MTN users now have upper hand and more opportunity to WhatsApp free mode

Whatsapp Free Mode

How to activate WhatsApp free mode
Well, I have to say to activate whatsapp Free mode, you don’t need to do anything hard or technical, When you are out of data (MTN users), launch to your WhatsApp and Boom messages starts coming in.

Tho it may be for a limited time but use yours before its too late

You can view status, post to your status and also message people, its like the normal activities as when you have data but its a free mode, awesome right?

Unlike Facebook, people can post, message people but cannot see people uploaded pictures apart from profile pictures, but WhatsApp free mode is different

This free mode for WhatsApp is available for MTN users, let’s wait for other Networks to do theirs

Feel free to comment about your experience using This new features

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